Free Workshop

Cultivating JOY!

In this FREE half-day session, we'll talk about how practicing from a place of obligation or a place of fear is not healthy. We'll talk about what you can do INSTEAD. We'll make the oboe fun again!

We play music because we know that it can bring joy to so many. Why isn't it bringing joy to you?

Live Workshop

January 27, 2024
12:00pm Eastern Time


  • Mindset work to practice with joy so you can PERFORM with joy!
  • Activities: Improvising, Duets, Zoom Dancing, Oboe Karaoke, and MORE
  • Plenty of breaks! This is meant to be enjoyable, not a forced march
  • Modifications and safety built in for everyone - you can join us if you are a beginner, an advanced player, or not even an oboist at all!

Taught by Jennet Ingle

Jennet literally wrote the book on being The Happiest Musician- and continues to love her performing career after three decades!

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